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The B&B “Antico Borgo” , situated in the Medieval borough of Manerba del Garda (XIV sec.) , has 4 big rooms, Private SPA, terrace and verandah where you can admire the astonishing landscape  on  Garda lake, outdoor Jacuzzi, breakfast/dinner room  lake view, and a characteristic internal patio with secular olive tree.

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The B&B is my home, the home I love. Designed to be comfortable, beautiful and to give relaxation, tranquility and harmony. This is what I want my guests to find, because for me they are visiting friends, with whom to share the spaces, the magnificent landscape, the silences but also lovely chats or unique sensory experiences.

Also offering them the opportunity to fall in love with this wonderful Garda.


BALBIANA in old print




All the suites are related to a medieval story, between legend and real life.

Entering the suites this story will help you understand the meaning of its name, their position, the design and the colours of the rooms.


Here a little sinthesys:


The young “Guglielmo” was a frequenter of Emma’s father home, he was strong , handsome and decided, and obviously became Emma’s Lover, also because he upholded Emma’s father in duel, winning the fight.

But the family of the loosen, being very powerful and influent , didn’t accepted the defeated , and they obbligated Emma to be one of them wife, in trade of his father’s life, infairly accoused of cospiracy.

For the love of her lover Guglielmo, Emma refused to push Guglielmo in fight once again with the opponent family decided to sacrifice her life in the bride.

Guglielmo, disperated and furious decided so to leave the “Valtenesi” and to travel as a mercenary of the Emperor of Germany.

Some months after the wedding Emma gave birth to a beautiful child , that her husband suspects couldn’t be his son, and to give him a shelter , she travel over to Guglielmo on a beach and she gave him the little kid with a necklace as the unique souvenir of his mother.

Guglielmo in the months after must leave for Germany, and he cannot take care of the son anymore and he left his child to a couple of Venetian mercants that will grow up the kid as their own.

In the years after, while Guglielmo became famous as a good soldier,Emma has been vincolated in house for the offence to her husband because her heart was only for Guglielmo.

Meanwhile the Venice Mercants moved to Africa with the child becomed a man , but taken and killed by the infidels, except for young guy named “Vaifro” that during his prisoning know the Brixia crusaders and after a while was released.

Vaifro comes at the court of the powerful and the influent family, without knowing , that they were the only reason of the separation between him and his mother.

After a while Guglielmo came back home , claiming the feud promised by the emperor, but he refused to pay for his word, angry and very disappointed is won by only castle of Manerba.

Vaifro met Gisella by the court, a wonderful young girl and they fall in love.

But the destiny strikes on them also, the Gisella’s stepmother is also in love with Vaifro and forces Gisella to enter in Monastery.

By the court some people decided to give a “lesson “ to the one who had conquer the castle of Manerba, and Vaifro has been sent to fight with his father.

But Vaifro is a young guy and obviously has been defeated by Guglielmo that is an able and honorable soldier.

While Vaifro lies on the ground Gugliemo sees the pendant given him by his mother Emma, and he realizes to have in front of him his son…Vaifro talks about Gisella to his father Guglielmo and they decide to go to the monastery for free her…

Emma in the meantime has been given dead, after have spent many years in Monastery too. When they managed to free Gisella she reveal them the right position of Emma , that is still alive!!!


After many years Emma can see her lovin man and son again, thight ‘em and give Vaifro her blessing for marry Gisella.

Guglielmo asked her to go to the castle with him, but her vow is much more important, because after a life of injustices and suffering she has finally found some peace.

Guglielmo amazed , came back to the castle and asked for the built of a room , from where he could see the Monastery on the other side of the lake, because he has never lost a battle , but he has been beaten by the love, in that room will wait for death watching there, where lives his love, his one great love.






B&B Antico Borgo

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Manerba del Garda




B&B Antico Borgo
Vicolo del Poggio, 4

Frazione Balbiana
Manerba del Garda (Bs)




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